Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to the poneme blog

It's been a long time coming - the poneme blog, a dip into poetry both here and there.

Thoughts, ideas, poetry projects. A bit like mucking around in boats - you never know where you end up.
poneme started as an email list of poets from Australia, United States and Britain with the occasional European posting thrown in. 

poneme evolved from the first poetryespresso email discussion list started in 2001 by Cassie Lewis, an Australian poet now living in Rochester, New York.

An on-line poetry zine foam:e is another spin-off from this on going loose collaboration of poets.

foam:e is edited by Angela Gardner with guest contributing editors. Issue 5 is due soon. 


Louise said...

hooray to you heather!

love the fact that you (thanks Chris) got this up and running.

foam:e issue 5 is due to go live on Sat March 1st. issue 5 is the largest issue yet. some fabulous poetry and reviews and a few of the poneme crowd involved.

i'll post again on the poneme list on Saturday and look forward to the poneme blog growing and thriving.

so much energy and good friends of poetry all.


Fran said...

I shall be looking forward to reading the work offered here and once in a while sending a piece. (despite my computer being down at the moment)

maureen said...

i'm looking forward to reading poems and comments on this blog and perhaps sending one or two. thanks.
maureen sexton

Helen Hagemann said...

Thanks for the great blog Heather. The best thing about blogs are that poets' groups & their poetry gets noticed through Google.
Nice to be part of the poneme group! Cheers, Helen