Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day of the week poem project

It started off as an idea to do a February poem project with a day of the week in the title.

Kristin mooted the idea based on a music project the "February album writing month", some examples being "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (U2), "Ruby Tuesday" (Rolling Stones) and "Friday in Love" (The Cure).

We rose to the challenge and over the month elicited poems for every day of the week.

As today is Thursday, here are our Thursday offerings.

Thursday evening on dry earth
by the wetlands
bright orange-striped wasp
and greyhaired spider
fight on the run
wasp dragging reverse
spiders legs leaping
dry brown

They move
jerkily over dry grass
like a toddler's crazy writing
on scrap paper

I stare and can't tell
who drags who pushes
the thought comes to me
I am standing like
my childhood self
staring at the ground
as the world went by

Andrew Burke


Thursday went by as a lisp might catch on the tongue
nagging at sleep, moments reassembled and replayed
as a disc keeps slipping up on an image -
a figure walking and reconfiguring movement
a thousand times, she felt the whirr of the dog catching
its tail, the irrepressible urge to flip darkness
into the breakfast day light, cross-legged on the bed
waiting, waiting for Friday.

Kristin Hannaford