Wednesday, July 23, 2008

writing project - field trip photos

I recently spent some time at Stanage, northern reach of Shoalwater Bay in Queensland. I've been writing, taking photos and fishing. I received a grant to develop a writing project as a 'poetry cycle' based on my interpretation of the issues and environment surrounding Shoalwater Bay which has been a military training area for combined ADF and US military forces since the Vietnam conflict. I thought that you might like to catch some of the first lot of photos I've posted on my blog here

In the mid nineties the ADF assisted in keeping sand mining out of Shoalwater, now they may have to assist to stop a major coal loading port being situated there. During joint military training exercises every second year, the ADF and US use live firing in the area, (the beast you know hey). Many migratory bird breeding areas, turtle and dugong habitats, humpback whales and other flora and fauna life could be in a very precarious state, (if not already) should any further major industrial inroads be made.

I'm not a nature poet, but I do live in and around it, and appreciate that the environment is all around me (the landscape within and without) and I recognise it's important to respect what is there, before it becomes degraded and beyond self repair. There are so few pristine areas left in the world.


Heather said...

Great to read your blog Louise and follow your poetry cycle of this area. I've just been reading about the coal port proposal. Hope your poetry draws more attention to the issue.

Louise said...

Thanks Heather. I'm also working on some 'lyric' pieces and some I'm developing based on artist friend Deiter Irving's 'shoalwater series' which he completed during a residency in the area a few years back. The coal port would be horrendous for the environment - but would pad the greedy pockets no end.
I noticed your blog has gone walkabout...