Monday, June 23, 2008

Poet in Residence

Hi gang,
I have posted this WA notice to advise you of the following position. I used to work there in the beginning & it's a lovely house, very quiet, library close by & kangaroos. Why not give it a try! Cheers, Helen

Poet in Residence @ PCWC - Call for EOIs

The Joondalup-based Peter Cowan Writers Centre is on the lookout for a new writer in residence.

The centre (which occupies Cowan House in the beautiful grounds of ECU Joondalup) has a vacancy for a writer in residence under it’s charter to bring writing resources and opportunities to the people of the northern suburbs of Perth.

Potential writers (who will spend three weeks at the centre involving themselves in variety of writing workshops and other community activities run by the centre) are invited to apply for the position.

Applicants need to be established, published authors to be considered.

This year, the centre is especially interested in poetry and so poets will be looked upon favourably for this residency. The centre traditionally have two Writers in Residence each year.

The three-week residency can be any time between now and the end of August, 2008. The cut-off date for applications is June 30, 2008.

For more information, contact Coby Pearson at the centre on 9301 2282 or email for more details of the Writers In Residence program.


Andrew said...

Thanks, Helen. I am the happy writer in res in August/September. I s'pose ya want a commission now >g<

David Barnes - debarnes said...

Hi Helen

Hero's a good pead my friemd..

you've written.
Pearls from the Sun
Diamonds from the Moon
Gold-dusted silks from
exotic worlds --

Take me to that world, gold dust would me nice.

warm regards

David Barnes

Helen Hagemann said...

Hi Andrew,
I knew if you saw this notice, you would apply. Congratulations!
Just keep me alive up there, as I think I'm a ghost of winters past.
Have a great res...

Helen Hagemann said...

I didn't write "Hero", duh! HH

disa said...