Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, Monday

Love that song with Mamma Cass's distinctive voice.

Monday on poneme...mmmm. More great offerings.

Monday means nothing
in China where
you work seven days a week.

Monday means nothing
much when
you're unemployed
in Australia.

This Monday I bring
the washing in from
Sunday and wake my wife

Monday's mudlarks play
flying leapfrog over bins
out for collection
on brown summer verges

Andrew Burke

monday's wet notes

# in the furtherest place from height

discussion lower than everything else
so still now whatever wounded grunt
was ever free for all the talking
political tally doesn't catch the
message from the gun (a low day
then) talk lower than everything else
so still in the ground

# thought the poet had a pure heart

for all the rabid iniquity
thought a calm breath
filled need found hope was a willing
motivation towards relinquishing

thought the poet has her own perspective
thought that was clean thinking wiped assumptions
wiped the generalisms found a pure heart
only worked in first drafts

Louise Waller

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